What Can be Done About a Dead Tooth?

Published: 05th October 2010
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A dead tooth is a common occurrence that results in one of our teeth looking much darker and less attractive than the others. Normally there is nothing wrong with the tooth per se, and it is perfectly adequate at acting like an actual tooth and for eating with etc meaning that any procedure to deal with it will sit securely in the cosmetic dentistry camp. However the downside is that it will often also be too darkly coloured compared with the others. From a distance this can look like you have a gap in your teeth, while those who are not familiar with what a dead tooth is might think that it's dirty or somehow unhygienic. For truly beautiful smiles then you need to have these dead teeth removed and fortunately there are some ways to make these beautiful smile transformations possible.
One way to do this is to have the tooth removed of course and then replaced. If you remove the tooth this will be a fairly painful way to go and will mean that you're technically getting rid of a perfectly healthy tooth. However at the same time it's the most secure way to remove the dead tooth and to create beautiful smiles that feel 'permanent'. Once the tooth is removed you can then use dental implant surgery to insert a new tooth which will be screwed into the gum and the jaw in order to fix it permanently into the mouth. Alternatively you can have the tooth removed and then use a bridge in order to fix you new tooth in place. Essentially what this means is that you have a tooth that connects to your teeth on either side of the gap in order to be held in place over the gap and create the illusion of a tooth there.
For a less invasive way to change your look you can also use a cosmetic dentistry technique in order to cover up the tooth. For example if you use crowns, these will essentially cover up the whole tooth and result in it looking much whiter from all angles, and will also protect your healthy tooth underneath. Essentially what this involves is making a hollow copy of your tooth and then slotting it over the dead tooth in order to completely hide it. This of course will be permanently fixed in place in order to prevent it falling out at a later date and will mean that you can match the colour of your dead tooth to the others perfectly.
A similar technique is to use veneers. This is a slightly cheaper way to go than using crowns, and it simply means that instead of having a cover put all around the tooth, you have one put just on the front side of your tooth. This is the side that everyone will see when you smile or when you open your mouth, so this is the only part that's really entirely necessary to give yourself beautiful smiles. However it does mean that when you open your mouth to yawn or laugh, people might get a glimpse of the original colour of your dead tooth, though this is probably less off putting than something like a black filling.

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